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We want to make sure that our NHS workers get all of the support they can during these difficult times, so we are currently doing call outs for them free of charge.

Pick a colour, any colour!

Pick a colour, any colour… is it really that easy?There are so many choices of great colours available so it can be a real challenge choosing the ideal colour for the space you’re working with. You have an idea of what colour you’d like and may spend hours selecting the perfect one, that is the perfect tone and readily available from the supplier.  So, you’ve invested time and thought into achieving the look you want, you start painting, but notice it’s not as perfect as you imagined.&nb...

Rising Damp - what to look out for

We like to take pride in how our home looks and having patches of damp appearing on our internal walls is not only unsightly, depending on the cause, it can be costly, so it is important to identify the source early and get it treated.  There are three types of damp that can have an impact on our properties – condensation, penetrating damp and rising damp, for this blog post, we are concentrating on rising damp.Rising damp is when ground water soaks into a wall or floor, just as wat...